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360 Adelaide Street West
Suite 300
Toronto, Ontario M5V 1R7


Harcourts is a Toronto-based manufacturer of academic regalia for high schools, colleges and universities across Canada. They have been in business since 1842, and the company was operated by the Harcourts family until 1965.

Harcourts take pride in manufacturing gowns, hoods, caps and other regalia to exacting specifications. Nearly all of their academic products are produced in Harcourt’s plant in downtown Toronto, which allows complete control of both quality and delivery. They combine the best of age-old sewing methods with modern technology, using machine sewing for gowns that need strength and hand sewing where it adds to the appearance. They have a diverse and experienced sales, delivery and manufacturing staff, all of who work hard to maintain the quality of products and services, while always looking for ways to improve.

At Harcourts, they are committed to providing:

  • The finest fabrics and accessories for long wear and an elegant look
  • Quality construction of our academic regalia
  • Craftsmanship by people who care about the final product
  • An unconditional workmanship guarantee: if there is a defect, they repair and/or replace, no questions asked
  • Outstanding customer service by experienced associates

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