41A Brockley Dr., Unit #1
Hamilton, Ontario L8E 3C3

Nerva Energy Group Inc.

NERVA Energy’s award-winning engineers have become the NORTH AMERICAN GOLD STANDARD for the application design and implementation of Ductwork Sealing and REME-LED Active Air & Surface Purification.

Ductwork Sealing services provides increased air flow, improved energy efficiency, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions through the application of ‘from-the-inside’ aerosolized sealing technology, combined with air auditing, ductwork patching, and ductwork cleaning.

REME-LED technology provides in-duct and portable Active Air & Surface Purification 24/7/365 – treating the air in ducts, occupied spaces, and surfaces. It is third-party laboratory tested and proven to kill COVID-19 by 99.9%.

Both Ductwork Sealing and REME-LED can significantly improve indoor air quality and mitigate the spread of pathogens, however, proper implementation of this technology requires careful consideration, meticulous planning, and professional expertise.

NERVA Energy provides a 6-phase turnkey implementation program that includes “Engineering & Design”, “Supply & Installation” and “Performance Validation” – (with 3rd party support).

For over a year, NERVA Energy and the Cleaner Air for Schools program has been delivering information, education, and awareness to schools across Canada, providing safer and cleaner air to protect the health of students, teachers, and staff, while simultaneously assisting schools to improve their energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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