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430 Balmoral Street,
Thunder Bay, Ontario P7C 5G8

Nor West Pest Control

Nor West Pest Control has been in operation since 1994, servicing from the Manitoba border to Wawa inclusive. They have eleven (11) fully licensed service technicians, and Nor West Pest Control continues to upgrade our staff licensing status ongoing. As a locally owned business, Nor West Pest Control is a leader in the pest management industry throughout Northwestern Ontario. They are committed to offering safe, professional, efficient, and proven pest management services throughout our region, and with ongoing technician education, they will continue to do so in the future.

Nor West Pest Control has provided pest control services to a large array of fields throughout Northwestern Ontario, including (but not limited to) schools, hospitals, housing boards, restaurants, malls, residential housing (including multi-unit homes and single family dwellings). Their staff are qualified and trained to deal with many different types of pests, in many different environments. Pest control requires an ‘outside the box’ look at the issue at hand, and the route that needs to be taken to deal with it. All staff at Nor West Pest Control are skilled and able to assess all different types of pest control problems that arise and will often work as a team to ensure proper eradication of pest issues. Nor West Pest Control prides itself on having knowledgeable technicians, who are efficient, professional leaders in the pest management community in Northwestern Ontario.

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