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2360 Meadowpine Blvd., Unit 2
Mississauga, Ontario L5N 6S2

Pinchin Ltd.

Pinchin Ltd. is a multidisciplinary consulting firm that has been committed to Environmental Health and Safety for over 40 years. There qualified professionals deliver exemplary service based on customized and affordable solutions for a wide variety of environmental and construction-related needs.

Across North America, Pinchin is staffed by a team of over 1000 skilled and experienced professional engineers, scientists, industrial hygienists, geologists, technologists, project managers, and support staff in over 40 offices in Canada and over 20 offices in the United States. The proximity of there offices to even remote sites enhances their ability to provide in-depth knowledge of local regulations, legislation, and market conditions, as well as an exceptional level of responsiveness and accountability.

They strive to build on their reputation as a highly-trusted consulting firm that is responsive to their customers in today’s rapidly shifting economic, environmental, social, and political terrain. From a thorough understanding of indoor environments and the hazards that can affect both people and profits, through to up-to-date expertise on assessing a company’s environmental risks, Pinchin works with a diverse range of clients to provide innovative and effective services and solutions.

Pinch has grown substantially in the past four decades, and with it their resources and capacity to assist clients with any and all environmental, health and safety challenges. They provide timely and effective solutions that are specific to your current situation all within a reasonable budget. The list below includes, but isn’t limited to, the wide variety of service areas within which Pinchin’s experts most commonly provide assistance:

  • Hazardous Building Materials
  • Environmental Laboratory Services
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Building Science & Sustainability
  • Emissions Reduction & Compliance
  • Environmental Due Diligence & Remediation
  • Mechanical Engineering & Design

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