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VitalHub Corp.

TREAT was designed as a Client Information System (CIS) with a client-centered focus on recovery. VitalHub’s service standards are measured against actual performance and best practices. From an implementation perspective, VitalHub adheres to quality assurance processes that are consistent with PMI-recommended best practices and the standards.  VitalHub’s practical experiences with quality assurance through system testing, monitoring, change control, etc., further ensure the quality of the work produced.  The TREAT system is also secured in a manner that meets or exceeds all standards for secure Personal or Personal Health Information.

VitalHub’s clients are exclusively funded organizations. VitalHub has been catering to clients in the Behavioral Health, Rehabilitation, Primary Health and Community Support sectors in Ontario for 20 years.

VitalHub is an organization that is focused exclusively on providing technology solutions for clinical treatment and support programs to families, children/youth, and adults. The TREAT solution was designed with a client-centered focus on recovery in the context of Canada’s largest Behavioral Health teaching hospital. TREAT was born of a vision to measure client outcomes using standardized tools and uniform measures across client groups. The result is a unique application that is focused on client centered recovery and best practice implementation within an interdisciplinary context. TREAT’s workflow aligns with clinician activities, and its flexible structure facilitates its implementation across diverse organizations and care givers.

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