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WalterFedy is a dynamic, integrated design firm delivering creative solutions and practical built environments. Since their inception in 1951, they have continued to learn, adapt, and evolve to best serve their clients. In 1970, they became one of Canada’s first integrated design firms in order to deliver a level of coordination and team commitment not served by the traditional project model.

Their expertise includes architecture; mechanical, electrical, structural, and civil engineering; energy and carbon solutions; and asset and facilities management. The value of WalterFedy’s integrated nature shines through their modern team structure, which allows them to share lessons learned and discuss project challenges organically. WalterFedy’s services are further supported by their sister companies: Baird Sampson Neuert, a boutique architecture firm, and AEC Developments, a construction management company.

They are a passionate and value-driven team committed to enhancing the world around us. Inspired by two of their core values – Integrity and Environmental Sustainability – they have committed to achieving a Beyond Zero Carbon goal. Each year, they will strive to reduce their corporate carbon emissions while offsetting their remaining carbon, becoming carbon-neutral now while working on reducing their emissions well into the future.

WalterFedy views each project as an opportunity to build a relationship. They value the creative process, and spend the time to work with stakeholders to understand your objectives. Their collaborative spirit is furthered by their ability to quickly solicit feedback. Going beyond scheduled meetings with specific agendas, this continuous state of collaboration enables designers to seek discipline-specific and big picture input on a moment’s notice. These impromptu meetings provide their designers with a variety of perspectives, and allow them to offer all-inclusive and comprehensive solutions to meet their customers needs.

They have developed their team to envision the project as a whole. Coordination is facilitated from design through construction, as project leaders have quick and easy access to all design disciplines, and team members interact continuously. This is the benefit of being in an integrated practice: they routinely think about how each design element impacts all aspects of the project.

Effective October 1, 2023, WalterFedy Inc. has become WF Group Inc. but will operate under the WalterFedy brand. There will be no other change in WalterFedy’s operations or services.

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