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Our Suppliers

Who are our Supplier Partners?

As OECM's Marketplace of Products and Services grows so does our list of supplier partners.

Our supplier partners consist of a broad cross-section of companies, ranging from local, family-run businesses to global brands, all of which provide high quality, competitively priced products and services. All of our supplier partners have passed our rigorous, open, fair and transparent procurement process. All current supplier partners are showcased in our Marketplace.

Why become a Supplier Partner?

There are numerous benefits to doing business with OECM and clear advantages to becoming a supplier partner. These include:

Access: Expand your market by providing your OECM contracted products and services to Ontario’s education sector and other BPS organizations.

Collaboration: Take advantage of OECM’s collaborative sourcing process and get support in promoting your products and services to the sector. OECM will be your partner in managing contracts with our customers to ensure effective collaboration amongst customers and suppliers.

Innovation: Showcase your expertise with leading edge and emerging technologies, products, services and practices.

Savings: Reduce your costs by responding to fewer sourcing competitions (e.g. one RFP accessed by all of our customers versus multiple individual RFPs).

Service: Showcase your commitment to service excellence by providing a high value customer experience to Ontario’s BPS.

Learn more about how to become an OECM supplier partner!