2022 Supplier Recognition Program Results Announced

April 21, 2023

OECM is proud to announce the results of the high-anticipated 2022 Supplier Recognition Program (SRP)!

280 Supplier Partners across 60 agreement categories participated in OECM’s 2022 SRP. All Supplier Partners were evaluated through an objective, fair, and transparent scoring methodology and evaluation framework.

The supplier partner designations (Platinum, Gold, and Silver) recognize the hard work and dedication required to ensure that our customers’ needs are always met with consistent and exceptional service.

Supplier Recognition Program

Piloted in 2019, OECM’s Supplier Recognition Program is one of the first recognition programs in the Ontario public sector aimed at strengthening supplier partner relationships, fostering greater collaboration, celebrating supplier performance, and ultimately driving exceptional customer service.

Congratulations to our 2022 SRP Award Recipients

OECM’s Supplier Partners play an important role in helping us support our growing Marketplace to deliver a comprehensive choice of quality products and services and generate significant savings for you, our customers, by unlocking the potential of collaborative strategic sourcing. 

Congratulations to the awarded Supplier Partners who have received recognition in the 2022 SRP, including 44 Platinum, 59 Gold, and 52 Silver award recipients. 

We are proud to partner with Suppliers who provide our customers with savings, value, choice, and exceptional service.

2023 Supplier Recognition Program

The 2023 SRP is already underway! As a customer with direct purchasing experience, your feedback is important as it is a crucial focus area in our SRP evaluation framework.

If you have signed a Customer-Supplier Agreement (CSA) with any of our Supplier Partners in 2023, we invite you to share your feedback by completing the 2023 SRP Customer Satisfaction Survey.

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