Ministry of Education Announces $15 Million in Funding for Math Support

December 12, 2022

On October 20, 2022, the province announced an additional $15 million in funding as part of the Ontario government’s Plan to Catch Up initiative to help students get back on track after learning disruptions due to the pandemic. The $15 million in Priorities and Partnerships Funding (PPF) for 2022-23 is being made available to School Boards to offer a digital math tool aligned with the Ontario curriculum to support students, parents, and educators.

Last week, the Ministry of Education provided details and funding allocations to all School Boards across Ontario to procure a digital math tool. School Boards are encouraged to begin their procurement processes immediately to have the procurement finalized to support math learning for the current school year.

This funding provides ongoing support from the Ministry to our publicly-funded education system, demonstrating their commitment to the success and well-being of all students across Ontario, and to improving and maximizing math performance.

Leveraging OECM’s Math Skills Digital Tools Agreement

In consultation with Ontario’s Ministry of Education (MEDU) and various District School Boards across the province, OECM has multiple digital learning tools available. 

The Ministry has encouraged School Boards to leverage OECM’s Math Skills Digital Tools Agreement. In this agreement, awarded supplier partners offer systems that are in compliance with the requirements of the Ontario Mathematics Curriculum.

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