OECM and FCAPX Inc. Offer Facilities Equipment Inventory and Preventative Maintenance Support

August 21, 2019

Available at OECM: Facilities Equipment Inventory and Preventative Maintenance Support!

Toronto, Ontario – OECM and FCAPX Ltd. would like to inform customers that Facility Equipment Inventory and Preventative Maintenance Support is available through the Facilities Condition Assessment Services agreement. OECM entered into the agreement with FCAPX in 2017; the agreement is effective until May 2022 with an option to extend an additional 5 years.

“By integrating more Preventative Maintenance into our client’s Asset Management Programs we can further achieve our goal of collaborating with clients to make better business decisions associated with Operational and Capital Planning for their existing asset portfolios,” says Bill Roth, President of FCAPX.

Details of the Agreement (extracted from the Amendment to the Partnership)

The following provides the details of the services associated with Equipment Inventory and Preventative Maintenance Support extracted from the agreement.

  • The Supplier (FCAPX) will collaborate with the client to determine the specific equipment (e.g. boilers, roof top units, etc.) that will be included in the inventory program, and the specific information associated with each type of equipment the Client is seeking to collect and manage (e.g. Make, Model, Serial Number, etc.). The purpose of the data collection is to provide the Client with a detailed inventory of equipment present within the subject building(s) to allow for the development of a Preventative Maintenance Program to support its on-going Capital and Asset Management Planning Processes.
  • The Supplier will develop a field data collection tool that aligns with the Client’s preferred scope of work. Supplier staff will complete a site visit at each of the subject buildings wherein under guidance of a site escort and/or available as-built drawings will collect the requested data on each readily visible piece of Equipment. A tablet will be used to gather the appropriate information on each piece of equipment and a digital photograph will be taken.
  • The Supplier will provide the Client with a draft data table presenting the Equipment Inventory. Once finalized, the Equipment Inventory will be integrated with a Master Preventative Maintenance Task List that will allow the Client to build a flexible and tailored Preventative Maintenance Program based on their current staffing levels, third party contracts and available resources. The Supplier will provide tools to the Client to allow for Options Analysis of various Preventative Maintenance Program scenarios, as well as optional Consulting Support during the development of the Program.
  • Once the list of preferred Preventative Maintenance Tasks has been finalized, the Supplier will provide the Client with an output that will align with its Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to facilitate an upload of the proposed Preventative Maintenance Tasks as Work Orders.

“We are thrilled with the growth of our agreement with FCAPX, an OECM supplier partner who has always demonstrated their commitment to consistently deliver high levels of customer satisfaction. FCAPX works meticulously to ensure facility operations are at its best, a strength that led OECM’s decision to more clearly define the agreements offering of Preventative Maintenance. Our organizations’ shared goals to offer services that add value and maximize operational efficiency for customers makes this partnership a great success,” says Taylor Thornhill, Supplier Relationship Manager, OECM.

About OECM

OECM is a trusted not-for-profit collaborative sourcing partner for Ontario’s education sector, broader public sector, and other not-for-profit organizations. We contract with innovative, reputable suppliers to offer a comprehensive choice of quality products and services, and generate significant savings for our customers.


FCAPX, a wholly owned subsidiary of Roth IAMS is a federally incorporated (2015), 100% Canadian-Owned company formed for the sole purpose of providing asset assessment (Facilities Condition Assessments, Accessibility Assessments, Energy Audits and Equipment Inventory) on large and/or geographical diverse portfolios across Canada.

FCAPX’s core business is the assessment of existing buildings. We are not a design firm that does FCAs in its spare time. Nor are we a software company that is trying to sell software licenses.

We collaborate with our clients to provide asset data they can trust. For more information, please visit fcapx.com

For more information please contact:

Bill Roth, President




Taylor Thornhill, Supplier Relationship Manager



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