Shared Learning Through Thought Leadership

May 25, 2023

Over the past year, our thought leaders have engaged in knowledge-sharing through presentations, articles, interviews, and events, establishing themselves as field experts in the public procurement sector. Thought leadership enables professionals with subject expertise and industry experience to share best practices and unique perspectives that drive dialogue, change, and innovation.

In this issue, we encourage our readers to take a moment to review three of our latest thought pieces from OECM’s senior leadership. Karen Owen, OECM’s Vice President of Supply Management and Customer Relations, articulated her views on procurement trends in a post-pandemic world in an article titled, Top 5 Procurement Trends to Survive and Thrive in the ‘New Normal’: Insights from OECM. A second piece, Embedding ESG in Public Procurement: A Journey Worth Taking, features Jim Hadjiyianni, OECM’s Director of Business Development. This enlightening article, published in the April 2023 issue of the Ontario Public Buyers Association (OPBA) Caveat Emptor e-newsletter, addresses the growing desire to create sustainable supply chains and affect positive social change through the procurement process.

In addition to these feature pieces, OECM published an article titled Procurement Versus Purchasing: Separate Functions, Distinct Objectives, that closely examines the differences between these two processes and identifies the complexities that influence the public sector. As thought leadership continues to be a pivotal area of work, we aspire to foster a culture of collaborative learning and discourse.

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