OECM’s Strategic Direction: Unlocking the Power of Collaborative Procurement

September 6, 2019

OECM’s Board of Directors endorsed a recommendation to develop a renewed Strategic Plan. The development of a new strategic plan positions OECM as an integral part of the Ontario Government’s recently announced Supply Chain Centralized Initiative (SCCI) for Ontario Public Service and Broader Public Service (BPS) organizations.

Transforming to better serve our customers and suppliers

“OECM’s new strategic direction will deliver on a significant trajectory of business growth and transformation by building and strengthening the strategic enablers of OECM’s business model, powered by a sustainable financial and service model which provides the foundation for long-term sustainability,” says John Sabo, OECM’s President and CEO. “It also has the added value of allowing us to better serve our education and PFO customers and to strengthen relationships with our supplier partners.”

OECM Participates in MGCS Supply Chain Centralization Initiative Consultations

Earlier this year, the provincial government announced the delivery of a Supply Chain Centralized Initiative (SCCI) for Ontario Public Service and Broader Public Service (BPS) organizations, beginning with the immediate implementation of various Interim Measures – detailed on the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (MGCS) website Doing Business with the Ontario Government.

Recognizing the value of collaboration with OECM, we have also been invited to participate in consultations with the MGCS and PWC to explore ways to leverage OECM’s strengths and practices in support of the new SCCI.

Customers are reminded that all OECM Agreements, listed in our Marketplace of Products and Services, are compliant with the Interim Measures and therefore, customers joining OECM Agreements are not required to complete Procurement Rationale Reports. Click here to learn more.

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