Multi-Function Devices and A4 Printers

Multi-Function Devices and A4 Printers: With our Office and Production Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) you will have the option to rent or purchase competitively priced Office and Production MFDs. As a business solution, MFDs are ideal because they allow your office to increase productivity and potentially decrease costs because you are only paying for and maintaining one MFD instead of a number of individual single-purpose devices. Our suppliers also offer a broad range of fleet management, professional services, and applications support. This is in addition to managed print services including the assessment of your current devices and the identification of cost-saving strategies.

Customs Brokerage and Related Services

Customs Brokerage and Related Services: Offers services through qualified brokerage professionals who are equipped with the customs knowledge to guide you through importing every type of shipment, including perishable goods, live animals, hazardous materials, laboratory supplies and laboratory equipment. Thompson Ahern offers an array of services that will fulfill all of your customs clearance requirements. Their customs experts will help clear your goods; manage duties, taxes, drawbacks and post entry claims.

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