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Commercial Ductwork Sealing and Related Services

OECM’s Commercial Ductwork Sealing and Related Services agreements provide access to a range of ductwork sealing and related services suitable for various buildings including schools, colleges, universities, municipal buildings, and more.

This agreement is the result of a procurement project initiated to support School Boards as part of the COVID-19 Resiliency Infrastructure Stream (CVRIS) Support Initiative for education-related projects that protect the health and well-being of students, staff, and children. As such, there may be significant demand from School Board customers in 2021, however, the resulting agreement has a term that extends beyond 2021 and is available to support all OECM customers.

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To learn more about the new Commercial Ductwork Sealing and Related Services agreement, view our Informational Video here.

What You’ll Get

Services to meet your specific needs

  • Access to a variety of Commercial Ductwork Sealing services provided by a qualified supplier partner, including aerosol, mastic, taping, and coil and duct cleaning
  • Full-service implementation strategy for your project to improve indoor air-quality/flow including an Air Audit and a plan to evaluate and maximize energy savings and Green House Gas (GHG) reductions
  • Ductwork sealing process that includes duct preparation, duct sealing, duct testing, duct reassembly, cleanup, reporting and recommendations
  • Service technicians that are trained in the Ontario Health and Safety Act (“OHSA”), Asbestos Awareness Training, and Ontario Safe Schools Act (“OSSA”)


  • Standard service warranty on ductwork sealing application for a minimum of three (3) years against defects, with full repair or replacement of defective services, including direct labour costs, at no additional charge to the customer
  • The Aeroseal aerosealized ductwork sealing is warrantied for three (3) years and has a minimum thirty (30) year in-service life expectancy based on laboratory testing
Products and Services: 
Aerosol ductwork sealing
Ductwork cleaning.
Mastic ductwork sealing
Other types of ductwork sealing
Taping ductwork sealing
Supplier Partners
Nerva Energy Group Inc.
Expiry Date: 
May 13, 2024
OECM has the option to extend the Master Agreement for one additional period of up to two years.
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Project Advisory Committee Members: 
  • OECM Facilities Support Team

Supplier Partners