Graduation Gown Regalia and Related Services

The newly re-tendered Graduation Gown Regalia and Related Services agreement (previously called Graduation Gown Regalia) celebrates students’ achievement with premium-quality...
Products & Services: Alterations • Ceremonial Accessories • Custom Designs • Custom-tailored Gowns • Graduation Gowns • Hoods • On-site Distribution and Collection

Lab Animal Feed and Supplies

The Lab Animal Feed and Supplies agreement provides access to reputable suppliers offering feed, supplies, and related products and services...
Products & Services: Standard Animal Deeds • Bedding and Related Supplies • Custom Feed Formulations • Nutritional Services

Customs Brokerage and Related Services

Offers services through qualified brokerage professionals who are equipped with the customs knowledge to guide you through importing every type...
Products & Services: Customs Brokerage (Canada & USA) • Educational Webinars • Freight Forwarding • Trade Consulting • Professional Services

HVAC System Air Filter and HEPA Air Filtration Units and Related Products

Quality air filters and systems promote air quality while reducing operating costs. This agreement has the following two (2) categories...
Products & Services: Air Filters • Bag filtered products • Box filtered products • Carbon filters • Disposable Filters • HEPA • HEPA Air Filtration Units • HEPA filters • HVAC • Indoor air tests • Media pad products • Media rolled products • Odour reducing filters • Panel filtered products • Pleated filtered products • Pocket filtered products • Pre-filters • Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV)

Laboratory and Science Supplies

Thousands of branded, in-house and generic products including General Laboratory and Science Supply Resources, General Laboratory Equipment Resources, Biology Supply...
Products & Services: Biology Supplies • Chemicals Supplies • General Laboratory Equipment • General Laboratory Supplies • Science Supplies • Beakers • Gloves • Pipets • Tubes

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