A Look at the Latest Facilities and Operations Agreements

September 12, 2023

Our commitment to deliver better value, greater savings, and more choice for our valued customers continues! In June, OECM proudly launched two agreements within the Facilities and Operations category. Through our collaborative Sourcing Process, we introduced our newly re-tendered Modular Buildings and Portable Classrooms Agreement, and launched a new Foodservice Consulting and Design Services Agreement.   

Let’s take a look at what the agreements offer for the education, municipal, healthcare, and the broader public sector.

Modular Buildings and Portable Classrooms 

Ranked among our Top 10 agreements based on collaborative spend in 2022, OECM’s Portable Classroom and Modular Building Supply and Installation agreement, originally launched in 2018, had steadily grown in popularity among our valued customers.  

With the initial agreement expiring in 2023, our dedicated Sourcing team, with expertise and guidance from our knowledgeable Project Advisors, issued an RFSQ, and in late spring of this year, launched a newly re-tendered Modular Buildings and Portable Classrooms agreement. 

The agreement was awarded to four supplier partners to provide customers with adaptable and environmentally responsible modular buildings and portable classroom solutions. These versatile structures are commonly used for various uses including offices, classrooms, dormitories, hospitals, housing, and more.  

The flexible and sustainable solutions in this agreement include supplying, delivering, and installing modular buildings and portable classrooms that are compliant with Ontario’s safety codes and building regulations.  

Why Choose Modular? 

One of the biggest benefits of modular construction is the speed of assembly and the time-saving advantages compared to traditional building methods.

“Modular components are typically manufactured in a controlled factory setting, significantly reducing construction timelines when compared to conventional building methods, where walls cannot be set until floors are in position, and additional floors, ceilings, and rafters cannot be added until walls are put up,” Slavi Nalbantov, Senior Manager of Strategic Sourcing at OECM, highlights the advantages. 

“Another reason customers choose modular buildings is cost-effectiveness. Modular buildings and portable classrooms allow for better cost control and reduce material wastage. In addition, the standardized processes and quality control measures minimize project delays and fewer budget overruns.” 

Comprehensive Onsite Services 

Our awarded supplier partners are fully equipped to provide comprehensive onsite services to accommodate your existing property. They can connect modular buildings and portable classrooms to your plumbing-sewage, natural gas, water, and other resources, and establish electrical connections such as power, data, fire alarm, and public address system. Other site-related services are available, such as site grading, drainage, ground preparation, paving, sodding and concrete work, fencing, and skirting, as well as the construction of porches and landings.  

Purchase, Lease, or Rent 

Many modular buildings are portable, offering lease options for temporary use. This presents a more economical alternative to constructing on-site. For those seeking a more permanent solution, purchasing is also an option.  

Our awarded supplier partners offer multiple financing options, including purchasing and short-term leasing or renting (up to 3 years) for both modular buildings and portable classrooms. 

Watch OECM’s Informational Session Video on OECM’s Modular Buildings and Portable Classroom Agreement 

Foodservice Consulting and Design Services 

Foodservice consulting and design services offer facilities and operations managers access to a dedicated team of experts capable of supporting every aspect of foodservice development and operations by providing sound, operationally responsible, customer- driven solutions. 

In response to the evolving needs of our customers, OECM introduced a new Foodservice Consulting and Design Services agreement in 2023, to streamline and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of a diverse range of food-related operations across the education, healthcare, municipal, and broader public sectors.  

Category A – Foodservice Consulting Services 
In the first category, our awarded supplier partners offer comprehensive foodservice consulting services, encompassing a broader range of expertise and advice related to the overall management of foodservice operations.

These services focus on master planning, strategic planning, feasibility planning, and operational reviews, as well as contract tendering and project management.

Category B – Foodservice Design Services 
In the second category, our awarded supplier partners integrate smart technology into the process.

“They help institutions craft ergonomic solutions designed for seamless and efficient foodservice operations,” Nalbantov elaborates. “Their service extends to designing areas that prioritize environmental comfort, putting into consideration important factors such as layout optimization, storage efficiency, effective lighting, appropriate flooring, and optimal ventilation solutions.”  

Watch OECM’s Informational Session Video on OECM’s Foodservice Consulting and Design Services Agreement 

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