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ERP Project Updates

Earlier this year, OECM announced our plans to spearhead an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System(s) project, with an anticipated launch by mid-2022. We received Expressions of Interest from several District School Boards (DSBs) indicating a commitment to participate in the development of the RFP for this project. OECM is pleased to announce that work on the ERP project has commenced, beginning with the establishment of a Project Executive Steering Committee who will form a representative group on behalf of the project. The Executive Steering Committee will be comprised of volunteer members from school boards.

OECM will be leading the procurement process, including the planning, procurement, and execution, on behalf of the organizations. We will also offer innovative ideas to engage the market and consult with our supplier partner community in a fair and transparent manner, and effectively assess the associated risks before advancing. Click here to read more about this project.