OECM and Supply Ontario Enter into a Collaboration Agreement

June 29, 2023

OECM and Supply Ontario are excited to provide an update on work in progress related to our recently established Collaboration Agreement. As a first step in the partnership, the two organizations are focusing on activities that support Data Sharing and Category Management.

Through this work, which includes the aggregation and analysis of data and review of category management strategies, both organizations aim to explore supply chain opportunities that are mutually beneficial and can capitalize on their respective strengths and expertise to drive procurement modernization, process efficiencies, and create greater value.

Jamie Wallace, CEO of Supply Ontario, spoke about the benefits of this collaboration and the importance of the partnership with OECM toward making meaningful progress in these areas during his keynote address at the Public Sector Procurement & Supply Chain Leadership Series hosted by the Supply Chain Management Association Ontario (SCMAO) on June 20, 2023.

Click here to watch Jamie Wallace’s keynote address.

[March 1, 2023] We are pleased to announce that OECM has entered into a Collaboration Agreement with Supply Ontario (SO), establishing a partnership to identify and explore initiatives that will facilitate economic development and harness Ontario’s sourcing and purchasing potential. The Collaboration Agreement will enable SO and OECM to determine mutually beneficial opportunities, including leveraging stakeholders, data aggregation, and strategic sourcing.

Since the Fall of 2022, OECM has fostered a collaborative and productive relationship with Supply Ontario through consistent dialogue on opportunities related to collaboration, value-for-money, and provincial priorities. Between February and April 2023, OECM steered and participated in a series of brainstorming sessions with senior leaders and decision-makers from Supply Ontario (SO), the Ministry of Education (MEDU), the Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU), Council of Ontario Directors of Education (CODE), Colleges Ontario (CO), Council of Ontario Universities (COU), and various School Board sector representatives from Council of Senior Business Officials (COSBO) and the Ontario Association of School Business Officials (OASBO). The sessions provided a platform to discuss prospects for collaboration and areas of alignment across organizations linked to procurement and to address considerations related to core directives and policy, especially regarding Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), social procurement, Indigenous procurement, sustainability, data security, and more.

“OECM embraces this affiliation with Supply Ontario, and we look forward to contributing to opportunities that drive innovation, streamline supply chain processes, and further economic development in the broader public sector,” says John Sabo, President and CEO of OECM.

This reciprocal relationship is deeply aligned with OECM’s Multi-Year Strategic Plan (MYSP), which leverages our ability to drive value, savings, choice, and service through ongoing opportunities for transformation and collaboration, and SO’s three-year Business Plan, which consolidates their position in revolutionizing public procurement across the province through strategic initiatives in data, category leadership, and supply chain management.

Jamie Wallace, CEO of Supply Ontario adds, “Integration and synergy with OECM as a collaborative procurement partner is important for Supply Ontario as we explore and identify procurement modernization approaches that create more economic opportunity across the Province, bring innovation to market, and build a resilient, diverse, and efficient supply chain.”

As the public procurement domain continues to evolve and expand, OECM will remain steadfast in initiating partnerships that support Ontario’s economic advancement and serves the broader public sector.

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