Thought Leadership at OECM

February 28, 2023

Thought leadership has emerged as a pivotal area of focus for OECM over the last year. Our corporate communications team works collaboratively with our partners and teams to establish opportunities for our senior management and other subject matter experts across the organization to highlight their industry knowledge and insights. We are excited to share our expertise and experience with our customers, supplier partners, and sector partners and foster a healthy dialogue that generates innovation and change through knowledge-sharing.

In November 2022, OECM’s Director of Sourcing Solutions, Perry Arzumanian, contributed to a detailed piece for the Ontario Public Buyers Association (OPBA) titled “A Collaborative and Strategic Approach to Supply Chain Troubles.” The piece analyzed how supply chain delays, shortages, and pricing fluctuations will continue to impact the broader public sector for the foreseeable future. As a result, there is an imminent need for collaborative strategic sourcing to produce purchasing power and create economies of scale to decrease overall costs. A second article for the OPBA featuring OECM’s Director of Communications and Customer Relations, Sonia Gallo, was published in February 2023. OPBA sat down with Sonia Gallo for a discussion on what drives effective customer engagement and the value of customer communication for strong collaborative procurement.

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