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Last updated: December 2, 2021


Client Information System
In collaboration with Empowered Kids Ontario, OECM is conducting a procurement for Client Information System that is secure, provincially compliant, with up to date technologies and functionalities that meets the end goals and objectives of the Customers.
Status RFP Posted
Anticipated Award January 2022
Sourcing Manager Shouvik Roy
Cloud Computing Technology and Related Professional Services (RE-TENDER)
Current Agreement: Cloud Technology
Choose from three managed or self-managed cloud technology service models that offer secure infrastructure, 24/7 technical support, and encryptions that meet security certifications and the Ontario privacy legislation. Additional services include support for transition, migration and implementation.
Status Evaluation
Anticipated Award January 2022
Sourcing Manager Manasa Chengappa
IT Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Services (RE-TENDER)
Identify security risks by prioritizing security vulnerabilities associated with IT assets, resources, and network infrastructure. Services include simulated external and internal cyberattack to test intentional IT security breach and exploitation.
Status Evaluation
Anticipated Award January 2022
Sourcing Manager Parthiban Dhakshnamurthy
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems Status RFP Planning
Anticipated Award July 2022
Project Manager Tommy Theophanopoulos


Capital Asset Management System Status Planning
Anticipated Award May 2022
Project Manager Gabriele Pinaffi
Life Safety System Services Status RFSQ Evaluation
Anticipated Award January 2022
Project Manager Eric Smith
Roofing Contractors Status RFSQ Evaluation
Anticipated Award January 2022
Sourcing Manager Judy Kahansky
Strategic Electricity Management and Advisory Services (RE-TENDER)
Identify cost management strategies for reducing cost, managing risks, and assisting with budget planning for electricity price and consumption. Additional services include analysis and commentary on related regulations, and advisory services.
Status RFP Planning
Anticipated Award June 2022
Sourcing Manager Nafiseh Ansari
LED Lighting Retrofit Contractor and Professional Services (RE-TENDER)
Get access to skilled technicians to implement the work required to cost-effectively replace existing interior lighting with more energy-efficient LED lighting. These agreements also provide access to unionized and non-unionized contractor services. Services includes lighting audits, specification development, retrofit recommendations, and other optional services such as commissioning, measurements and verification, project management, procurement support, and energy incentive program support. It includes professional services and retrofitting.
Get Involved We are looking for Project Advisory Committee members.
Status RFP Planning
Anticipated Award June 2022
Sourcing Manager Manasa Chengappa


Office Supplies (RE-TENDER)
Gain access to an expanded line of office products, paper and facilities supplies from well-known brands that offer flexible pricing with financial incentives. Additional services include customizable electronic catalogue, evaluation of products, flexible delivery, recycling programs, and more.
Status Evaluation
Anticipated Award February 2022
Sourcing Manager Parthiban Dhakshnamurthy


Translation, Interpretation and ASL (RE-TENDER)
Get access to multilingual professional translators for simultaneous, consecutive interpretation, and American Sign Language (ASL) services. Additional services include translation memory services, new phone and video remote interpretation services.
Status RFP Development
Anticipated Award April 2022