606 Colby Drive, Unit E
Waterloo, Ontario N2V 1A2

VIP Energy Services Inc.

VIP Energy Services Inc. (VIP) is a full-service energy consultant group located in Waterloo Ontario, serving a variety of Industrial, Commercial and Public-Sector clients across Canada. VIP Energy’s experienced, inter-disciplinary team provides unique and valuable advice to save clients time and money on utility bills and budgets.

VIP Energy’s client-focused approach encompasses all areas of energy management including energy metering and data management, energy audits, building (re)commissioning, electricity and natural gas procurement, regulatory reporting, energy and emissions planning, energy awareness programs and training. They are focused on the interests of clients, creating solutions that meet individual needs while ensuring that ideas requiring little to no investment capital are prioritized first. VIP Energy’s solutions encompass operational and equipment-focused opportunities.

VIP Energy has also provided metering and data management services for over 15 years and their meter experts have delivered these types of projects for over 35 years. Their broad understanding of meter data interpretation and application, driven by customer feedback and proven expertise, means that clients get robust, yet easy-to-use metering solutions focused on identifying and tracking savings opportunities.

VIP has provided natural gas commodity procurement and risk management for over 20 years and have commodity experts have delivered this type of consulting for over 30 years. VIP’s experience and proven market expertise ensures that their clients get individualized and easy-to-understand procurement solutions.

VIP Energy’s customer service is built on long-lasting partnerships to ensure expectations are exceeded. VIP Energy’s team will help you save money and create a conservation culture while driving sustainability and reducing your carbon footprint.

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