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Expiration: May 27, 2029. OECM has the option to extend the Master Agreements for an additional five (5) years.

Advisory Services for Natural Gas Procurement

OECM is pleased to introduce our Advisory Services for Natural Gas Procurement agreement to our Marketplace. Obtain access to a list of qualified suppliers offering various advisory services related to natural gas procurement, including market analysis, profile development, gas transactions, portfolio administration, accounting and payment, and more.

Note: This agreement is a re-tender of the Natural Gas Management and Advisory Services. Any signed Customer-Supplier Agreement (CSA) under the Natural Gas Management and Advisory Services agreement remains valid until September 18, 2024. CSA holders will have up to (6) six months from the date of the current agreement expiry to transition to the new agreement. To sign on to the re-tendered agreement, please complete a new CSA with your preferred awarded supplier. If Customers require any documents from the previous agreements, please contact our dedicated Customer Support team at customersupport@oecm.ca.

Awarded Supplier Partners

   Click on an awarded supplier partner’s name, ordered alphabetically in the column on the left, to view complete supplier details, contact information, zones serviced, as well as relevant agreement documents including the Master Agreement (MA), Customer-Supplier Agreement (CSA), price lists, and other related materials, as applicable.

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What You’ll Get

A wide range of advisory services offering natural gas procurement options.

Market Analysis Advisory Services

  • Daily market updates
  • Monthly analysis and commentary on proposed or upcoming regulation changes that will affect natural gas costs, including transportation
  • Access to a customer representative for market and pricing information, review of procurement strategy, and knowledge transfer during regular business hours

Profile Development Advisory Services

  • Providing an initial needs analysis and gas acquisition recommendations
  • Establishing the Mean Daily Volume (MDV) in conjunction with the local natural gas distribution company
  • Liaising with gas utility (e.g., local utility and/or providers) personnel
  • Assisting in the development of natural gas budgets and cost objectives
  • Providing advice on natural gas supply mechanisms (e.g., transportation and delivery options), as well as local distribution rate options and management of curtailed delivery programs
  • Analyzing and creating risk assessment profiles for customers
  • Recommending short and long-term natural gas pricing strategies to manage the costs and meet natural gas cost objectives within the risk margins

Gas Transaction Advisory Services

  • Identifying natural gas providers and negotiating gas supply contracts
  • Facilitating the purchase of natural gas for one (1) or more customers should the customers elect to procure natural gas together with other customers, including managing the procurement and transaction processes
  • Assisting customers in selling their excess natural gas

Portfolio Administration Advisory Services

  • Managing the gas delivery imbalances (e.g., delivery rate optimization, load balancing, and Banked Gas Account (BGA))
  • Aggregating gas volume for the benefit of multiple customers where possible, to achieve lower natural gas commodity costs
  • Providing reports and analysis of actual versus forecasted gas consumption

Accounting and Payment Advisory Services

  • Verifying natural gas transaction invoices from natural gas providers
  • Providing overall commodity and transportation cost reports and summaries

Other Related Advisory Services

Please note these are at a rate mutually agreed upon between the customer and supplier

  • Informing customers of environmental initiatives related to the advisory services
  • Natural gas utility bill verification

How to Get Started

How to Get Started with RFP Agreements


  • Accounting and Payment Advisory Services
  • Gas transactions
  • Market analysis
  • Natural gas
  • Procurement strategy
  • Profile Development. Natural Gas Procurement

Sector Availability

  • College
  • Family and Community Services
  • Government Ministry/Agency
  • Healthcare/Hospitals
  • Municipal and Related Services
  • Other
  • School Board
  • University

Choosing Your Supplier

To truly gain a competitive advantage, OECM strongly believes it’s advantageous for you to work with a single strategic supplier partner, for core requirements, wherever possible. This approach ensures a strong, value-added relationship with many advantages, including exceptional supplier responsiveness; improved interoperability; time and cost-saving; and more.

Should you require, OECM can assist you in your decision-making by facilitating a Second Stage Selection process.


SRP Customer Satisfaction Survey

As a valued customer with direct purchasing experience with our Supplier Partners, your feedback in the Supplier Recognition Program is crucial. Customer feedback is one of the focus areas used for SRP evaluations and survey (Net Promoter Score, NPS) is used for a customer feedback mechanism. The survey includes the list of suppliers who are eligible to participate in each year’s SRP. Survey result will be collected and shared back with the supplier partner by OECM.

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