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Expiration: February 28, 2027. OECM has the option to extend the Master Agreement for up to two additional years.

Electricity Consulting Services

OECM is pleased to introduce our newly re-tendered Electricity Consulting Services agreement. These agreements were previously known as Strategic Electricity Management and Advisory Services.

Energy costs can vary based on different factors, such as your load profile, electricity consumption, and operational variability. By utilizing our agreement, you can take the guesswork out of electricity management with an objective analysis; customers will be able to take advantage of commodity cost opportunities and manage their utility budget.

Our supplier partners will help to identify and develop cost management strategies to help you make timely and astute decisions that reduce electricity costs and manage risks.

Awarded Supplier Partners

   Click on an awarded supplier partner’s name, ordered alphabetically in the column on the left, to view complete supplier details, contact information, zones serviced, as well as relevant agreement documents including the Master Agreement (MA), Customer-Supplier Agreement (CSA), price lists, and other related materials, as applicable.

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What You’ll Get

Base consulting services

  • Analysis and commentary on regulations and policies affecting electricity costs
  • Advice related to the management of energy costs and risks
  • Assistance with the preparation of budgets, cost projections, and reports to facilitate cost-effective electricity management

Optional consulting services

  • Advice related to electricity acquisition and support in the finalization of the transactions with the successful electricity vendors
  • Assistance with electricity account and bill verification (NEW)
  • Support on energy conservation and demand management plans (NEW)
  • Guidance on electricity contract volume monitoring and optimization services (NEW)
  • Energy management software and related services (NEW)
  • Independent electricity regulatory monitoring, reporting and assessment
  • Other optional consulting services mutually agreed upon between the Supplier and the Customer

How to Get Started

How to Get Started with RFP Agreements


  • Electricity Market Analysis
  • Pass-Through Hourly Electricity Price (PTHEP) Services
  • Electricity Acquisition Services
  • Energy Demand Management Support
  • Electricity Consulting Services
  • Cost Projections
  • Electricity Cost Analysis
  • Electricity Budget Preparation Services
  • Electricity Monitoring Services
  • Electricity Reporting Services
  • Energy Management Software
  • Energy Conservation Support
  • Electricity Bill Verification Services
  • Electricity Budget Analysis Services
  • Electricity Regulatory Monitoring Services
  • Electricity Contract Management Services
  • Analysis of Hourly Ontario Energy Price (HOEP) and Global Adjustment (GA) Cost Components

Sector Availability

  • College
  • Family and Community Services
  • Government Ministry/Agency
  • Healthcare/Hospitals
  • Municipal and Related Services
  • Other
  • School Board
  • University

Project Advisors

  • Peel District School Board
  • Toronto District School Board
  • York University


SRP Customer Satisfaction Survey

As a valued customer with direct purchasing experience with our Supplier Partners, your feedback in the Supplier Recognition Program is crucial. Customer feedback is one of the focus areas used for SRP evaluations and survey (Net Promoter Score, NPS) is used for a customer feedback mechanism. The survey includes the list of suppliers who are eligible to participate in each year’s SRP. Survey result will be collected and shared back with the supplier partner by OECM.

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Real Time Utilities Monitoring Services

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