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Expiration: June 14, 2027. OECM has the option to extend the Master Agreement for one additional period of up to two years.

Capital Asset Management System and Related Services

OECM is pleased to introduce our Capital Asset Management System and Related Services Agreements to our Marketplace of Products and Services, for use by colleges and universities.

The Capital Asset Management Systems (“CAMS”) support facility managers by providing access to a comprehensive end-to-end view of their organization’s high-value assets, establishing a compelling assessment, and building multi-year asset plans. These agreements are now available through two awarded supplier partners.

Awarded Supplier Partners

   Click on an awarded supplier partner’s name, ordered alphabetically in the column on the left, to view complete supplier details, contact information, zones serviced, as well as relevant agreement documents including the Master Agreement (MA), Customer-Supplier Agreement (CSA), price lists, and other related materials, as applicable.

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What You’ll Get

Systems that simplify decision-making through the facilities lifecycle

  • Budgeting and forecasting tools
  • Generation of condition-dependent investment scenarios
  • Input unit costs for assets

A comprehensive end-to-end view of high-value assets that your organization owns or leases

  • The ability to store building condition assessment and other condition data, including the ability to represent assets, components, and subcomponents in categories and subcategories
  • The ability to provide asset management data storage and analysis for linear and non-linear infrastructure assets
  • Reporting tools (e.g., standardized, and personalized reports)
  • Data analytics

Additional features

  • Import and export tool, including scanned photos
  • Integration with external systems and platforms, including but not limited to Geographic Information Systems (“GIS”) and Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (“CMMS”), Power BI, and other relevant systems
  • Customizable Key Performance Indicators (“KPI”) dashboard, including imperial and metric system

Related services to fulfil customers’ needs

  • Implementation
  • Initial training
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • On-going training
  • Assessments
  • Service Support
  • CAMS security, privacy, and monitoring
  • Continuous improvement


  • Asset Assessment
  • Capital Asset Management
  • Reporting Tools
  • Data Analytics
  • Asset Management Data
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Computerized Maintenance Management Systems
  • Power BI
  • KPI
  • Condition-dependent Investment
  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • Building Condition Assessment
  • Facility Condition Index (FCI)
  • City Cost Index (CCI)
  • ASTM Uniformat II

Sector Availability

  • College
  • University

Choosing Your Supplier

To truly gain a competitive advantage, OECM strongly believes it’s advantageous for you to work with a single strategic supplier partner, for core service requirements, wherever possible. This approach ensures a strong, value-added relationship with many advantages, including exceptional supplier responsiveness; improved interoperability; immediate access to innovation and new technology; time and cost-saving process improvements; access to training, and more.

Remember, OECM is always available to help you analyze your service needs and identify the strategic supplier partner best suited to meet your short, medium, and long term goals.


SRP Customer Satisfaction Survey

As a valued customer with direct purchasing experience with our Supplier Partners, your feedback in the Supplier Recognition Program is crucial. Customer feedback is one of the focus areas used for SRP evaluations and survey (Net Promoter Score, NPS) is used for a customer feedback mechanism. The survey includes the list of suppliers who are eligible to participate in each year’s SRP. Survey result will be collected and shared back with the supplier partner by OECM.

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Facilities Condition Assessment Services

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