Automatic Door Operators, Electromagnetic Door Holders and Hands-free Switches/Sensors for Doors

Access a wide range of products and services, including optional services, related to the safe operation of doors. Awarded supplier...
Products & Services: Automatic Door Operator • Electrical Strikes • Electromagnetic Door Holders • Hands-Free Door Sensors • Hands-Free Door Switches • Relays • Spare Parts and Accessories • Push Button • Wave to Open Technology

Commercial Air Treatment Technology, Related Products and Optional Services

Supporting clean air in environments with large groups of people, these agreements provide access to the latest commercial stand-alone and...
Products & Services: Carbon • Commercial In-Duct Air Treatment Technology • Commercial Stand-Alone Air Treatment Technology • Commissioning • Existing equipment audit and drawings • HEPA • Installation • LED lamps • Onsite installation • Pre-filters • Reporting • Site visits • UV lamps • Plasma Production Technology • Bipolar Ionization • Purification

Commercial Ductwork Sealing and Related Services

Access to a range of ductwork sealing and related services suitable for various buildings including schools, colleges, universities, municipal buildings...
Products & Services: Aerosol Ductwork Sealing • Ductwork Cleaning. • Mastic Ductwork Sealing • Other Types of Ductwork Sealing • Taping Ductwork Sealing • Sealing Profile Reports • Air Audit • Inspection • Ductwork Leakage Testing • HVAC

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and Related Services

These agreements offer a complete turnkey solution for Level 1, 2, and/or 3, networked and non-networked electric chargers through two...
Products & Services: Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment • Electric Vehicle Charging Station • Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) • Fleet Charger • Level 1 Charging Station • Level 2 Charging Station • Level 3 Direct Current (DC) Fast Charge Station • Power Electronics NB 120 • Vehicle Charger • Electric Vehicle Charging Accessories • EVSE Data Services

Electrical Products

A wide range of electrical products from pre-qualified supplier partners. Related Services that save you time and money...
Products & Services: Ballasts and accessories • Batteries • Boxes and enclosure • Conduit and accessorie • Connectors • Data / video / audio • Fasteners and hangers • Fuses • Glue/adhesive • Hazardous location products • Heating and ventilation • Lamps • Lighting • Lubricants • Motor controls and automation • Power bars and surge protection • Power distribution • Raceway and accessories • Sealants • Security and signaling • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors • Tapes • Testing/metering equipment • Ties and fittings • Tools • Transformers • Utility • Wires and cables • Wiring devices

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