Electricity Consulting Services

Identify cost management strategies for reducing cost, managing risks, and assisting with budget planning for electricity price and consumption. Additional...
Products & Services: Electricity Market Analysis • Pass-Through Hourly Electricity Price (PTHEP) Services • Electricity Acquisition Services • Energy Demand Management Support • Electricity Consulting Services • Cost Projections • Electricity Cost Analysis • Electricity Budget Preparation Services • Electricity Monitoring Services • Electricity Reporting Services • Energy Management Software • Energy Conservation Support • Electricity Bill Verification Services • Electricity Budget Analysis Services • Electricity Regulatory Monitoring Services • Electricity Contract Management Services • Analysis of Hourly Ontario Energy Price (HOEP) and Global Adjustment (GA) Cost Components

Lighting Contractor Services

Get access to a list of pre-qualified, unbiased, independent lighting contractors with industry-wide knowledge of materials and performance in various...
Products & Services: Lighting Installation Services • Lighting Retrofit Services • Lighting Replacement Services • Lighting Removal Services • Lighting Disposal Services • Lighting Control Systems • Lighting Contractors • Lighting Fixtures

Lighting Consulting Services

Get access to a list of pre-qualified, unbiased, independent lighting consultants with industry-wide knowledge of materials, performance, and design requirements...
Products & Services: Lighting Audit Services • Lighting Retrofit Recommendation • Lighting Design • Lighting Consulting

Capital Asset Management System and Related Services

Gain access to Capital Asset Management Systems (CAMS) and related services that support facility managers by providing a comprehensive end-to-end...
Products & Services: Asset Assessment • Capital Asset Management • Reporting Tools • Data Analytics • Asset Management Data • Geographic Information Systems • Computerized Maintenance Management Systems • Power BI • KPI • Condition-dependent Investment • Budgeting • Forecasting • Building Condition Assessment • Facility Condition Index (FCI) • City Cost Index (CCI) • ASTM Uniformat II

Roofing Contractor Services

These agreements provide access to a Vendor of Record (VOR) arrangement for a wide range of services, including different types...
Products & Services: 2-ply-roofing • Built-up Roofing • Cold Process Roofing • Green Roofing • Hot Process Roofing • Lightweight Concrete • Metal Concrete • Roof Maintenance • Roof Replacement • Roofing Contractors • Roofing Systems • Single-Ply Roofing

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