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Expiration: December 11, 2028. This agreement has no further extension periods remaining.

Security Systems Access and Control Products and Related Services

OECM is pleased to introduce our Security Systems Access and Control Products and Related Services agreement to our Marketplace. These agreements provide access to various security systems access and control products and services, design, installation, monitoring, and implementation services for security system products, and much more.

Awarded Supplier Partners

   Click on an awarded supplier partner’s name, ordered alphabetically in the column on the left, to view complete supplier details, contact information, zones serviced, as well as relevant agreement documents including the Master Agreement (MA), Customer-Supplier Agreement (CSA), price lists, and other related materials, as applicable.

Supplier Address:

Paladin Technologies Head Office
1350 – 355 Burrard Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 2G8

Toronto Office
71 Barber Greene Road
Toronto, Ontario M3C 2A2

Ottawa Office
29 Antares Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K2E 7V2

Key Contact:

Gordon Teddington

System Architect

(416) 885-8044

No Suppliers..!

What You’ll Get

Various Security Systems Access and Control Products and Services

  • A comprehensive range of Security Products and Services including advanced alarm panels with intrusion detection, biometric readers, key card systems, key pass readers, wall readers, smart locks, thermographic imaging systems for temperature monitoring, integrated thermal imaging with security cameras for enhanced surveillance, and more.
  • Control and Monitoring System Services that can be seamlessly integrated into a scalable system, including surveillance monitoring and technical support, and real-time event management and response to ensure robust security measures.
  • Access Control and Monitoring System Services including user authorization protocols and real-time event management.

Design, Installation and Implementation Services

  • Design and Building Services including integrated security infrastructure planning, customized security solutions, design drawings and specifications, optimizing design and build processes for robust security measures, and more.
  • Planning for the professional installation, configuration, and implementation of system products for the seamless integration of safety devices, configuration of alarm panels and sensors for real-time monitoring, and user interface compatibility with major web browsers.
  • Flexible features such as scheduling access times, accommodating multiple users with varying security access, and allowing external software access for custom reports.

Additional Services

  • Access to operation and maintenance manuals for new products.
  • Timely technical maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Access to professional consulting services and/or advice for system optimization, security enhancement, security best practices, and compliance requirements.
  • Access to appropriately licensed and certified installation professionals.
  • Project management and coordination services including regular site visits, tests, and checks.

How To Get Started

How to Get Started with RFSQ Agreements

Products and Services

  • Security Products and Services
  • Design and Building Services
  • Access Control Services
  • Monitoring System Services
  • Configuration
  • Coordination Services
  • Implementation
  • Installation
  • Project Management Services
  • Security Infrastructure
  • Site visits
  • Tests

Sector Availability

  • College
  • Family and Community Services
  • Government Ministry/Agency
  • Healthcare/Hospitals
  • Municipal and Related Services
  • Other
  • School Board
  • University

Project Advisors

  • York University

Choosing Your Supplier

OECM’s Security Systems Access and Control Products and Related Services agreements do not include specific pricing details. Instead, OECM customers will define their service requirements during a second stage selection process and request pricing based on their specific scope of product and service needs. This allows customers to identify the strategic supplier partner that best aligns with their unique requirements and can effectively meet their needs.

The supplier partners have identified the city and the zones where they can provide their services in Ontario. This information will be shared with customers post-award to support their second stage selection process.


SRP Customer Satisfaction Survey

As a valued customer with direct purchasing experience with our Supplier Partners, your feedback in the Supplier Recognition Program is crucial. Customer feedback is one of the focus areas used for SRP evaluations and survey (Net Promoter Score, NPS) is used for a customer feedback mechanism. The survey includes the list of suppliers who are eligible to participate in each year’s SRP. Survey result will be collected and shared back with the supplier partner by OECM.

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