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Roofing Consulting Services

OECM’s Roofing Consulting Services agreements provide access to a Vendor of Record (VOR) arrangement offering a wide range of services for design, specification, and related consulting services relevant to roof repair, restoration and/or replacement suitable for a variety of building roof systems (e.g., hot asphalt built-up, single-ply, 2-ply modified bitumen, cold process built-up, lightweight insulating concrete, green, metal, and steep slope).

What You’ll Get

A variety of services provided by Professionals that will meet your specific roofing design requirements, including, but not limited to:

  • Investigation/inspection
  • Design/specifications development
  • Project management
  • Construction and contract administration
  • Project close out
  • … and much more!

Additional related roofing services are also available*

  • Feasibility and support services – expert representation for disputes/litigation and mediations and adjudication under the Construction Act
  • Energy Performances (modeling different isolation options)
  • Roof anchoring for Fall Arrest Systems
  • Roof Database and capital planning modelling

*At a rate mutually agreed upon between the supplier partner and the customer

Access to Professionals that will provide services that are in compliance with:

  • Customer’s standard procedures and other applicable policies and procedures
  • The Ontario Building Code (“OBC”) and all other applicable laws
  • The Ontario Health and Safety Act (“OHSA”) and Asbestos Hazardous Awareness Training
  • Other accepted standards and practices, such as the Use of Personal Protection Equipment, Elevated Work Platform, Work at Heights, and the Fall Protection Program

Customers can specify and get pricing for their specific services requirements using a second stage pricing process, that provides flexibility and the option to customize services on each undertaking.

Learn more about this VOR

To learn more about the new Roofing Consulting Services agreements, view our Informational Video here.

Choosing Your Supplier

OECM’s Roofing Consulting Services agreements do not include pricing. As such OECM customers, during a second stage selection process, will further define their scope of services (e.g., number of roofs, design, and specification in year one, and construction in year two or three) and request pricing accordingly to identify the strategic supplier partner best suited to meet their needs.

Products and Services: 
2-Ply Roofing
Advisory Services
Asphalt Roofing
Cold Process Roofing
Construction and contract administration
Design/specifications development
Green Roofing
Insulated Roofing
Metal Roofing
Project Management
Project close out
Roofing Consulting
Roofing Contractors
Roofing Repairs
Roofing Systems
Single-Ply Roofing
Steep Slope Roofing
Supplier Partners
Engineering Link Inc.
Englobe Corp.
Fishburn Sheridan & Associates Ltd.
MTE Consultants Inc.
Pinchin Ltd.
Pretium Engineering Inc.
Tri-Tech Pinnacle Group
TSS Building Science Inc.
Expiry Date: 
September 28, 2026
OECM has the option to extend the Master Agreement for one additional period of up to three years.
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Supplier Partners

Engineering Link Inc.
Ximena Henriquez
Department Program Manager, Building Envelope
(416) 599-5465 ext. 114
Find out more about Engineering Link Inc.
Zones Supplied: 
MTE Consultants Inc.
Tania Krysa
Manager, Building Restoration
(905) 639-2552 ext. 2434
Find out more about MTE Consultants Inc.
Zones Supplied: 
North East
Pinchin Ltd.
Ahmed Alyousif
Director, Building Science and Sustainability
(905) 363-1459
Find out more about Pinchin Ltd.
Zones Supplied: 
Tri-Tech Pinnacle Group
Todd Palmer
Manager, Sales & Marketing
(905) 503-1300
Find out more about Tri-Tech Pinnacle Group
Zones Supplied: