Industry Spotlight: Focus on Natural Gas Management

October 24, 2023

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In this fourth installment of OECM’s quarterly Industry Spotlight news resource, OECM’s Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) team digs deep into the timely topic of Natural Gas Management. Here we look toward how organizations can develop an action plan to reduce their dependency on natural gas and ease their transition to alternative sustainable solutions.

With input from some of our trusted supplier partners on Natural Gas Management and other relevant OECM agreements, including Blackstone Energy Services, Jupiter Energy Advisors Inc., and VIP Energy Services Inc., we’re exploring the current and future state of Ontario’s natural gas market, the benefits of transitioning away from natural gas, available sustainable solutions, and important steps organizations should take to reduce their dependency on natural gas.

With changing government regulations, increased market volatility, developments in renewable energy technologies encouraging competitiveness, and the overall financial and social impact, developing an action plan to reduce natural gas use should be a priority for most OECM customers. From beginning to end, OECM and its supplier partners are here to help you.

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Developing an Action Plan to Reduce Your Organization’s Use of Natural Gas

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The Outlook: Ontario’s Natural Gas Market

From global events to government environmental policies, several factors impact the natural gas market. The market outlook shifts in real time and can be quite volatile. Continued market uncertainty, increasing gas prices, and the impact of using natural gas on the climate are just some of the reasons why organizations in Ontario should consider reducing their use of natural gas and transitioning to more sustainable energy sources. READ MORE

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Benefits of Reducing Dependency on Natural Gas

Ontario relies heavily on natural gas for heating. In 2019, buildings were reportedly the third largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada with space and water heating representing approximately 68% of commercial emissions. Reducing natural gas consumption will reduce the amount of methane produced, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping organizations reach their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) targets. READ MORE

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Exploring Sustainable Alternatives to Natural Gas

Given the environmental impact and the pressing need to transition towards more sustainable energy sources, organizations both locally and globally should be reducing their dependency on natural gas. Sustainable solutions not only help reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also contribute to long-term cost savings, resilience, and a more sustainable future for organizations and the planet as a whole. READ MORE

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Making the Transition from Natural Gas a Reality

The most critical step an organization can take towards reducing their dependency on natural gas is to develop a sustainability and net-zero carbon strategy that incorporates their current state along with the options available in the marketplace to achieve their net-zero goals. READ MORE

Finding the Right Solution: How OECM Can Help

With an evolving natural gas market and a growing focus on reduced usage and long-term energy efficiency, organizations in Ontario require high-level expertise to manage the activities associated with an effective natural gas strategy. Many of OECM’s Natural Gas Management and Energy-focused supplier partners offer products and services that can assist OECM customers in reaching their short- and long-term energy consumption and efficiency goals, and overall sustainability targets. Whatever your need, there’s an OECM agreement and a supplier partner that can work for you.

Check out the following agreements and supplier partners for more information:

OECM continues to work to facilitate opportunities for collaboration, transparency, and the timely exchange of information between suppliers and customers so that we can help you better identify and tackle supply chain and industry challenges while supporting a value-based procurement approach.

If you have any questions about Natural Gas Management support and resources available through OECM agreements, please contact our Customer Support team at:

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